Friday, March 16, 2007


I dreamed of time traveling.

I'll try to recollect it as best as I can.

I was distinguished from the dream in the following sense, I was not a part of it, I was merely an observer. So the experience was very similar to the experience of watching a movie.

The protagonist i.e. the time traveler was this guy from Wheeler auditorium who does karate exercises. I am sure if you have taken any courses in wheeler you know who it is that i am talking about.

I see this guy narrating his story to a young boy and a girl. This time traveler, when he was young, had some work done on him by scientists that made him travel in the future. So he has traveled through time, but for some reason he is now living in the present.

The experience of traveling in the future empowered him to furnish an explanation for everything. This is why he was regarded as a genius by men of the present. I remember a scene where we see this time traveler, on a hospital bed, in the company of curious men who are analyzing his every move. When he wakes up, he ignores the questions that are being thrown at him by these curious men, and instead goes on to explain as to why the word present was written on the X- Ray machine. And some one else in the room, presumably the person who wrote that word, confirms this explanation as being the right one. And every one in the room heralds this time traveler, who after traveling through time, has come back to the present with the power to explain phenomenons from the perspective of the person who created that phenomenon. After the time traveler had furnished his explanation, one of the curious man who was in the room, shouts aloud, "He is a genius!"

Another rather odd scene, having nothing to do with the time traveling or anything like that occurs when this time traveler (who now is living in the present) takes this boy and girl to STATS Christmas decorative Center. (I worked at this place during my high school days)
In the dream there are two female employees who were having a conversation and they kept using the f-word. Consequently, a male worker objects to this language a loud, by saying, "Can you please stop using the f-word." As one can see this incident has nothing to do with time traveling or anything like that, but what is interesting is that I, the dreamer, experience this f-word debate from the point of view of the boy, and not from the point of view of the movie/dream observer that I have previously identified myself as.

But after this minor distraction the dream takes me to the top of a nearly vertical cliff below which lay a natural pond of water shaped in the form of numbers 3, 2, 1 all raised to the power of n, which it self was also raised to the power of n. The traveler, presumably using his wisdom acquired from his travels in the future explain the peculiarity of such a natural phenomena.

And as with everything this dream ended, prematurely perhaps, for I was awaken not because the curtains had fallen on the silver screen, but because I had to attend to such worldly demands as 'declaring majors'. The ringing clock ceased my accelerated motion through time enabled not by a machine, but by something as abstract as a dream.



Blogger Irene Chien said...

Wow. I'm glad to hear that Machine Time/Time Machine has seeped into your subconscious in such vivid ways. I've always wondered whether people experienced dreams as if spectators at a movie before the advent of cinema around the turn of the century. And I also think it's interesting that your dream revises the future imagined in both The Time Machine and La Jetee--where knowledge of the future makes present society none the wiser.

3/19/2007 8:18 PM  

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