Monday, April 02, 2007

Machines are taking over

Manovich, in "The New Temporality: The Loop as a Narrative Engine," refers to the use of the loop in media products seen today (ex: games, media players). The need for the loop in functioning movies, computer games, and internet sites due to the limited storage, according to history he says, will never go away.
What intrigued me was Manovich relating the loop to the "notion of human existence as a linear progression through numerous unique events." The loop allows machine to take over control instead of having someone do the work at each incident and in turn run society more efficiently at the demanding pace. He points to a scene from "Man with the Movie Camera," which we viewed earlier this semester, where the man is cranking the handle of his camera. This loop is no longer done by cameramen but now relied upon the camera itself, the machine's programming to do the repetition. This leaves wondering not 'what will they think of next' but rather 'how much longer until they execute it' as we continue looping through time with our machines.



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