Sunday, April 22, 2007


I am choosing to write about something that I am concentrating on a lot at the moment with my paper and it was clearly evident in the plany we saw today, especially in the first piece. I am talking about teletopia. The idea of being in two places at the one time. This usually comes about from advancements in technology and people have the ability to be in one place but virtually be thousands of miles away. The whole idea in the play about not acutally being in the room was confusing but I liked the way the actors made use of all senses when it came to realising if the other person was actually in the room. I think it would be interesting to block out all the senses but one and see what peoples reactions were to having another person enter a room. Teletopia creates a false present and makes out that there is more than one present but really there is only one present and that is the here and now present. To be called the present you need to be physically there and virtual presence can not act as a substitute because it takes away from the realness and is less genuine. The dancing in this piece intrigued me as to how it represented teletopia in some way? But I couldn't find any links. The dancing was really such a huge part of the piece that I thought it had some meaning but I couldn't find a meaning. Any ideas in your comments?



Blogger Dan Ben-Nun said...

The use of teletopia was very interesting. I feel like the highlight of the first piece was when the recorded video of the people dancing was projected on the transparent glass. While this special effect is very simple, it communicated a powerful message about the age of technology and the complexities of presence.

4/27/2007 3:51 PM  

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