Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Video Game Play session

I was disappointed to hear that smash bros wasn't going to be one of the games. But I still had fun.

What I realized while watching people play the wii was that this was the first major breakthrough toward making a game hyperinteractive with the human body. Before, the sega genesis, super nintendo, dreamcast, n64, playstation, and gamecube have all had similar controllers in that they all involve just buttons and maybe joysticks. I've seen arcade games before with helmets you wear but they never seem to have caught on. The wii is the first mainstream system that doesn't just involve pressing buttons and moving a joystick. The player plays by sweeping, chopping, slicing, poking, and all sorts of movements with the controller. I was surprised that slapping the controller would result in an action too. I think this is a big step toward making video games more sensitive to the human body. I can see future nintendo and playstation controllers having touch pad controllers to sense where you fingers are and eventually, maybe sensors that you stick on to your body and a player being able to move the character by moving his own body. The wii made me realize how far video game engineering has come. The controller is so effective at sensing subtle pointing jabs and tilts. Maybe in the future I will be able to play basketball as realistically as in a gym while staying in my room. This engineering will also affect other areas of study. Having a robot that is controlled by the movements of a human body would help in space exploration, construction, war, and who knows what else.

Aside from the wii, the game that engaged me the most was actually tetris. I can't see that game going out of fashion. It demands innate logic that deep down everyone has, just maybe not as developed as others.

Wario ware just seemed like a game made by nintendo to show off to players how versatile the wii controlled is. The game had tutorials on different ways to hold it and move it. But, the games were really basic and the graphics weren't really that great.



Blogger Frank Song said...

i guess, wii is quite revolutionary. however, i thought it might be opposite to the conventional way of game system. for most of "video"games, we play basketball game(for example NBA 2006) not basketball itself. We don't expect, we expect to command the character in the game to do the motion. I felt more like a simulation that playing this game will actually involve some skills( i mean not skill to play game, but actual skill) I guess this can be educational in sense that it involves real human movement. However....

4/11/2007 12:54 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

During the games play session I felt out of my element even though my element is video games. I'm so used to the controller for the Council that all these different ways of video games confuse me. Not all these videogames were new though but they were put into a new media like playing Tetris or Pac Man on a computer instead of an arcade. When I have to apologize to Pac Man I couldn't do it justice on a PC it's not the same without the joystick. Even DDR you play with your feet and said if your hands which is new to me. The Wii had a controller by it wasn't based on buttons stick movement was more movement of the controller itself which is so different even though most games have wireless controllers this one was motion sensor control totally new and different. I thought I could find refuge in the Game Boy advance but unfortunately it had the same game that was in the wii but it was even more difficult since you didn't have this free movement control. I wish there was an irregular medium of video games represented that night. PS I also wish there was super smash Brothers.

4/11/2007 8:20 AM  

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