Monday, February 05, 2007

Clarifcation on Essay #1 Freewriting assignment

I wanted to reiterate the freewriting assignment for generating ideas for Essay #1, as well as add a few pages from Writing Analytically to help you along:

Please read Writing Analytically from the bottom of page 113 to the top of 116 ("Passage-based Focused Freewriting") as a guideline for the following freewriting assignment.

1) Read the Essay #1 Assignment sheet. Choose what reading and film you will analyze for the essay. (See below for guidelines on choosing the reading and film.)

2) Select a passage from the reading that you have chosen (one that needs to be discussed, that poses a question or problem, that seems striking, important, anomalous, unclear, or puzzling). Transcribe the passage on a sheet of paper.

3) Freewrite on the passage for 10 minutes using the guidelines from Exercise 4.2, page 114-115 in Writing Analytically.

The movie that you pick is provisional, just to get you started on thinking of a topic. Pick a film that you either have an existing interest in, or that you are curious about if you haven't seen it yet. We've seen clips from Metropolis and Modern Times in class, and there's a clip from Kinoglaz on the blog, which should give you at least a taste of those works. Having an idea of where you might be headed is the main point. I'll assign another free-write on Wednesday to do over the weekend on a film, so you'll have time to watch it on your own.

As for the reading on which to write a passage, the idea is again to pick a work that you might be interested in writing more extensively about. I put Camera Lucida in there (about the temporality of the photograph), as well as the option of choosing your own reading in case there were people who wanted to explore something upcoming and new rather than something we've already discussed extensively in class.

The purpose behind these early exercises is not to nail you to any particular film or reading, but to help you generate ideas for your paper based off of a hunch about what works you find or will find most interesting. After all, the paper should be a process of discovery about something you have an initial interest in, and this is just the beginning of that process!



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