Friday, February 02, 2007

Response to "Time Machine"

The latter part of "Time Machine" was rather focused on resolving
the problems and ironies that have presented themselves in the first
half of the book. The mysteries between the Eloi and the Morlocks are
explained on some level and the adventure through time eventually
comes to an end, at least for some time.

I think the irony lies in that even though the time traveler embarks
on this grand journey to trancend and be emancipated from all the
restrains of space and time, eventually the time traveler is so inevitably
binded by the "time machine" itself. As soon as the device disappears,
the appreciation and observation of the future is diminished to mere luxury
and the sole purpose of this journey is to RETURN to the present state.

During this quest to return, the time traveler realizes the existence of the
morlocks, the more unappreciated species that survivied in the future.
However he tries to fight those with matches, he is eventually overwhelmed.
The stark contrast between the lifestyle of the Eloi and the Murlock
made me realize that the Murlock were a mere byproduct of the
Eloi who lead such a glamorous and peaceful life on the surface.

In conclusion, such material obstacles such as the disappearance of the
machine itself and the interference of the murlocks have ironiacally hindered
the freedom and ambitions of the time traveler, when he was supposed to
transcend on his way to explore the future. An interesting fact is that time could
not be conceived nor conceptualized as itself in terms of that world where
this takes place. Time is always realized through a relative standard or point of time
such as the Sun going down and up or creatures acting in a certian way.



Blogger Jeff said...

I agree with what you said about how the second half of the book he's trying to get the time machine back instead of enjoying this new world that he has found. And also about the sun and how the sun is the only describer of time in the future telling you when the sun goes up or down and even when he goes further in the future how the sun changes colors to a bright red and is closer. Also the hands on a time machine to tell the days weeks and years is another way that time is displayed in the book.

2/03/2007 12:35 PM  
Blogger Silbi Song said...

I'm glad that you mentioned how the Time Traveler ended up being enslaved by his own machine. It is very true that the whole purpose of going on a time travel was to explore and experience the future. However, when he finds out that he has lost his precious machine, the whole purpose of his trip turns into finding the machine and getting back home. It is a true irony. I think that this happens alot in our society. For example, the use of cellphone. It was made to make our lives easier, to communicate with others better and faster. However, sometimes, it turns into a burden. I think ever since the cell phone, people have become less punctual and less responsible. Before cellphones, if you made a promise with someone to meet at certain time and place, you knew that the persoen would be there or if they couldn't meet you, they would let you know ahead of time. Nowadays, people flake on you at the last minute. Also since you have the phone, people expect you to be there all the time. I mean look at the movie "The Devil Wears Prada!" The main character was enslaved by her boss through her cell phone. It's sad what some machines can do to humans!

2/03/2007 3:13 PM  

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