Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Time Code

I remember that Irene said that this film was filmed in DV (digital video). I've taken a production class before and I couldn't help noticing how much different it looked from movies on films. The DV looked more amateurish because it was too in focus and details were too evident. Film looks more professional because only one object can be in focus at a time and there is a more grainy feel. I'm guessing that this was just for money and editing reasons. In digital videos, the time code is the running counter from beginning to the end. It is the absolute timer for raw footage. For example, on a tape that is 2 hours long, the time code runs from 0 min to 120 mins. I guess the title of this movie was fitting because the footage from the four cameras are ran from 0 in the time code continuously until the end of the recording.

I remember thinking at the beginning of the movie if the four frames were simultaneous. The earthquake confirmed that they were. I coulnd't figure out what the significance of the earthquakes were other than to confirm that the events were happening simultaneously.

I thought the most intriguing part of the movie was the end when it revealed that the four cameras were filmed all in one day and continuously with no cuts. I thought that the movie was one that was planned out and so I thought the movie was really bad. But when I realized that it was mostly improvised, I realized it was pretty creative. It required all the actors to improv and react to each other accordingly while keeping their composure. What is in one actor's mind is different in from other's and they each guide the movie in a different direction. I wonder how strict the structure that was provided to the actors were. Not only that, the camera men also take the movie in very different directions. I hypothesize that the director game the cameramen loose directions of where to stay so that the cameras didnt film each other. Other than that, I'm guessing they got to choose who to film and where to go in that area. The information at the end about improvisation made me realize that the film was a live film. There were no double takes.



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