Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Loops Rearrange Andy Hardy

I looked up the title online and the actual movie is Andy Hardy Meets Debutante, one in a series of Andy Hardy movies.

Forgive my usage of colloquial language, but my first impression of this film was, "This is really weird and creepy." The looping movements, sometimes shaky, looked unnatural and even inappropriate at times. I remember the Manovich essay brought up the point that there are minimal movements that can be looped to make the loop look natural or even real, but the loops in this film were definitely awkward and strange. As I said before, some of the looped movements were distorted and made to look almost inappropriate, such as the first "scene" where Andy is kissing his mother. The slap scene, however, managed to look plausible to me because the suddenness of the slap made it possible to insert it anywhere into the scene. The scene right after, with Judy Garland's character singing, was so unnatural that it became silly, since most people don't move or sound that way. Occasionally the movements would look okay but the sound would still be jumpy, almost grating, even though Judy Garland is a lovely singer when she is not being manipulated with on film. I suppose that Martin Arnold wanted to say that, one, editing can make a film into a completely different story altogether, and more importantly, that loops aren't as natural as they are purported to be.



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