Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Alone life WWWaaasssttteeesss

Alone life wastes

This film was weird, it was if someone took those old film put it on a DJ track and started mixing it up. The constant backwards and forwards movement with slow motion going on in both directions and the way it cut from scene to scene was dismal. Though I was not impressed with the editing for a 1998 film sense I used to do the same thing with a video camera and a computer.
The neatest thing about the film was the sound, all the voices being played backwards in slow motion really made it feel like you were listening to some sort of alien from outer space talking. The sound sounded so inhuman because you really never knew what they said because they only played about 10 seconds of the film in a real time actually without screwing with the motions. Certain sounds were funny other sound sounded like foreign languages or somebody trying to say something like a baby trying to get out some words. But most of the sounds just made me nauseated and gave me a slight headache.
I wasn't sure what the artist was trying to do by taking an old time Hollywood stereotypical film and mixing it up. At first I did not realize that it was one film I thought it was three different films cut together, the theory was shattered after the characters crossed over. Never having seen this film before the actual film not the chopped one, I have no idea of the plot or idea. By seeing the scenes that were shown I get the idea that the artist was trying to show the boy character or the mom character has a thing for each other just by the strangest scenes and sequences that were shown from the kisses and expressions of their faces. And that if you are a good singer you will sound awful in reverse.
Speculating that this film was originally a serious or romantic film my initial reaction to this revised version is that this film is a comedy. I thought it was quite funny the way it was chopped constantly taking one step forward two steps back and in three steps forward throughout the film. The constant moaning sounds and estranged movements like it was one long seizure going on its quite funny. The other thing that was quite funny is they took this film probably only about a minute of the actual now and just stretched it for about 15 minutes showing a real control of time. That time can be paused, fast forwarded, reversed, played in slow motion into the soul to a film that took place probably well before I was born shows real-time manipulation.



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