Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Run Lola Run... no, not that way

I've seen this movie a couple times now and it still excites me every time. The way the film plays with time is fascinating and explores questions everyone has about the significance, impact, and repercussions of minor events in our lives. I think what makes the film great though is that the manipulation of time is not the only strong element. Even before the first repeat of time the film is compelling and draws the viewer in. One cause of this is the highly saturated colors which particularly accent Lola's red hair. The color gives the film an energy and a sense of urgency that would not exist if it were in black and white. Also, the rapid editing while Lola is running adds to the sense of desperation and urgency.

Another very interesting feature of the film is the use of animation for the scene of Lola exiting her apartment. Most of the film seems to rely on realistic and revealing camera work so this animated snippet stands out. I really wonder why the director wanted to include this piece. Possibly filming Lola run down the stairs would have been to difficult or it did not come out as well as an animation. Do people have ideas and explanations for the inclusion of this animated sequence?



Blogger Silbi Song said...

I liked your comments about the colors. I agree that Lola's unique hair color definitely adds the excitements to the film.
I think the reason the director used the animated sequence is to show that Lola is running away from reality at that moment. Once she leaves the apartment, she's in a different world where new possibilities exist, so that she can change the future. So the animated sequence is like a time tunnel. It is her means to get to the other side of reality.

4/04/2007 1:14 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

I saw lots of the same things especially with time manipulation and how a slight difference in time changes the, out come of the future dramatically. You mentioned red, red is a very important color in this film and holds a lot of symbolism. Important things were red to catch your attention to you can relate it to the pass of the press. For instance red hair, red phone, red grocery bag, the ambulance she went sure and there was many more red things to concentrate on. The most important I believe was secondhand on the clock in front of the grocery store I was constantly stared at throughout the film.

4/04/2007 8:10 AM  
Blogger Stephanie Chien said...

What I also thought was interesting was her use of sound, specifically her screaming. There was something disturbing at how she used her screaming - for example, when she screams at her Dad, and when she is gambling. Yet, the only time when her screaming distinctly affected her situation was when she was gambling. Somehow it worked in her favor and ensured that she would win. But I am still unable to truly grasp the significance of her high-pitched screams. Just a thought to put out there.

4/06/2007 10:27 PM  
Blogger Frank Song said...

Interesting point... Honestly i have never thought of color and its effect.
I am not sure of the cartoon thing. However,this film is full of repetition that it is tiring to watch. I suppose this cartoon insert is a somewhat relief of the anxiety caused by almost loop-like repetition.

4/08/2007 8:06 PM  

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