Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Why is Lola so protective of Manni?

In Run Lola Run, a few details and some luck make a significant difference between the three alternate versions of the same twenty minutes. Tykwer places importance on specific events such as Lola avoiding the dog and interestingly not avoiding Meyer’s car. This makes Run Lola Run compelling because it is not simply a matter of Lola avoiding the snares and pitfalls. However, one area of confusion for me was Lola’s desperation to keep Manni from robbing the grocery store. Since Lola knew about Manni’s deal with Ronnie, she is clearly not adamantly opposed to stealing or committing crimes. So, it is confusing to me that she would be so compelled to stop Manni from robbing the grocery store especially since it could save Manni from being killed. At first, I thought that perhaps Lola was concerned that Manni would get caught, and that was why Lola did not want Manni to rob the grocery store. Later on in the film though, Lola helps Manni rob the grocery store, and holds up her own father to get the money she needs. This makes me feel that she was not all that concerned about Manni or her getting caught because there were several witnesses to both of these crimes. Despite this contradiction, Run Lola Run was unpredictable and gripping.



Blogger Silbi Song said...

Yeah, I have already seen this film before and I always thought the characters were inconsistent with what they really are. Lola seems to be a person who leads a rebellious life style, but she lives with her parents and her father is financially well-off. She is called "daddy's little princess," but she doesn't act like one. Also her father looks too young to be Lola's father. Lola seems like a rational person, but she is irrational. Mannie also seems like a good guy, but he also does shady things. So I don't really understand why the characters are the way they are, but the movie itself is very cool. I think the music they used was perfect for the movie as well. But I don't think the story itself is particularly unique or revolutionary. I think we have already heard this storyline before, but I really like the way the director put the film together.

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