Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Playing with Hardy

This video begins in an odd way using black and white film, with a man and an old women. It seems to be skipping but rather seems like a person playing around with the wheel to create odd repetitive motions. Its much like a DJ scratching a record. This type of film often creates a weird techno like music, with repetitive and often seemingly funny scenes. It seems to break free from the bounds of older film and show how modern technology is able to play with time, even reverse and repeat it. Then with a scene quickly switching back and forth confuses me and has a strobing effect that is hallucinating. Then whilst playing with the voice of the girl, it is surprising how harmonious it sounds even though it is odd to see such play on old classic films. To be honest it seems like a short movie that is a product of some fun times for the filmmaker where he is able to be a video DJ and use his humor to satirize old films. Although one theme that could evolve from the film is that we often overlook many aspects of films and movies due to their incredible speed, and yet this film is able to highlight and emphasize certain important parts of the film that may otherwise be forgotten. The filmmaker finds parts of the film he may find important or personally significant and highlight this to the viewer by continually replaying in a slow fashion that is often hysterical. This slow capture of the film shows the subtle inflections in voice and body movements of the actors that show more emotion that at normal film speed. With one scene where the boy in a tuxedo comes to visit the girl, it seems that the filmmaker’s highlights in the scene present a more sexual innuendo, where the boy intends to be suggesting sex to his girl. The flashing of the mother within this scene shows this surprise to the sexual innuendo, an element that is not element in the original film. If anything the filmmaker’s seem to be making fun of the traditional societies, and go against the “happily ever after.”



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